New Computer Detail

Big Byte d1000 AMD Edition

With its excellent value, premium looks, and extensive upgrade options, the d1000 provides an excellent combination of performance, compatibility, longevity, and value.

AMD Athlon Processors

Features powerful dual-core and quad-core processor options for optimal performance in everyday tasks such as web browsing, video playback, office tasks, mainstream gaming, and more!
This "Kaveri" series of processors features integrated Radeon R5 and R7 graphics cores.

8gb DDR4 RAM

Includes 8gb RAM standard, upgradable to 16gb, providing superior multi-tasking performance.

1tb Hard Drive (Upgradable)

Store all the data you need on the built-in hard drive featuring 1000 gigabytes of storage space, plenty for music, photos, documents, applications, and much more. Upgrades are available, including solid state drive options!

AMD Vega Graphics

Featuring the latest in AMD's integrated graphics, the Vega series features DirectX 12 support and full H.264 and H.265/HEVC hardware video decoding, and 4K video output.
Graphics upgrades are available from NVIDIA or AMD.

Microsoft Windows 10

Includes the latest version of Microsoft's premier operating system, Windows 10 provides the best performance, compatibility, and security of any Windows operating system to date.
Big Byte Computers only uses Genuine Microsoft products.

1 Year Hardware Warranty

Includes a full one year warranty to cover any defects or problems in any component of the computer system.
Extended warranties are available for up to four years.